Isabella Aloysius


Born in the void of space, Isabella has been raised to have full trust in the emperor and carry out his need to restore order and hope in the realm. Rekindling lost faith in his name.

For Isabella gravity is her constant reminder of the emperor’s power.
Armed with a Power sword and a hand flamer she has the confidence to charge into battle and fight the enemy in honourable melee.

Due to her outstanding age, she was awarded long-term shore leave and was sent as a commander of second squadron on Ataxis Prime inside the Telrazzian 13th Regiment. Where she meet the Commissar, Kron and Veche, she also met Luna, a faithful imperial guardsman, who has become her under wing and is learning the ways of the Ecclesiarchy.

Character Sheet

Commrade Luna
A quiet woman, she follows Isabella and assisting her in minor activities and errands

Background Imperial Guard or Adeptus Ministorum
Role Seeker
Home World Unknown



Isabella Aloysius

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